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Your heart is awakened to the call that YOU have a Divine Purpose and mission, a path that you ache to follow.

Your Soul IS speaking to you with the truth of who you are. You can see and sense the messages your Soul is whispering, but you aren’t always sure what they are saying. Your intuition is expanding but you may not feel that you can trust it. At times clarity may feel elusive and fogginess may cloud the wisdom you seek.

You may have fears that are holding you back. You may have past trauma that still affects you today. You are literally holding it in your cells. Along the way, you have created beliefs that now run the show and keep you from being who you came here to be.

These blocks can be brought to the light so that they can be healed and transformed. They can be shifted so that you CAN take action on your dreams, living your passions and purpose as you are meant to do. You are here to create from the well of inspiration in your heart. But you must release what no longer serves you.

You can learn to trust the Divine messages that are ever flowing to you and open to your gifts without fear. When you align yourself to your truth, that YOU are a Divine spiritual being meant to be embodied in this life, grounded in love, you create what you deeply want instead of what you don’t.

I welcome you to join me within the platform:

The Grounded Path Sacred Journey

Living Your Divine Purpose, with Peace and Love through Awareness, Alignment, Empowerment and Healing

You will find courses, workshops and healing & alignment meditations to connect you to your Divine purpose.

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I also offer a limited number of Sacred Journey 1:1 Healing Packages

You WILL receive:
  • 1:1 Intuitive Guided Sessions
  • A safe sacred space to heal
  • Intuitive Divine guidance
  • A map guiding the way through your lessons into your purpose.

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Sara Gasch Sacred Journey Mental Healing

I know what it feels like to hurt.
To be scared.
To be sick.
To be overwhelmed.
I've navigated unlovability, unworthiness, shame & pain.
I have walked a path of healing that led to deep connection to Divine and the gifts that flow from that connection.
I have learned to trust my intuition. I have discovered my purpose. I live my Passions. I've become a teacher, a healer, a medium, an angel reader and an intuitive without fear in my abilities.
All these things I learned so that ultimately I could bring them to you.
We are the light that shines, each and every one of us. We are meant to heal, grow and transform so that we can live our Passion and Purpose, connecting to the Divine in this life.

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