Light Healing Therapy

Combining the healing available to us through the Universe with Crystals,
Light, and Unconditional Love channeled energy healing.


The crystals used in this bed are unusually large Lemurian crystals...which are tuned to work with and through the energy of Pure Unconditional Love, Creator/Source/Universe/God energy. All 7 of the Lemurian crystals are considered to be Master crystals with a very high vibration frequency. Assisting us in our emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

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Crystal Healing Therapy


The lights used are customized and colored LED lights which radiate through the crystals, and the colors are chosen to match the energetic frequency of each chakra. Color therapy and light has been used for centuries to balance chakras, balance our emotions and bring about wellness in all areas.

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Lemurian Light Crystal Healing Therapy

Energy Healing

You may choose to also receive the added benefit of Holy Fire® lll Karuna Reiki® healing added to your session.

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Reiki Healing Fire Holy Fire Therapy

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