Soul Purpose Mapping with Hand Analysis

What is Hand Analysis

You know you are here to awaken to who you are as a Divine being. Your Soul deeply wants you to move from a place of separation to total connection, to realize the truth of who you are and change the paradigm you have come to know as your truth.....your Divine blueprint is shown through many maps and pathways, one such map is the one located in your hands......

Your SOUL PURPOSE MAP is the embodiment of the contracts you hold for Soul growth in this lifetime. It is made up of your gifts, your Soul's lessons & consciousness, along with the karma you are meant to rebalance. Knowing this information brings the clarity needed to take the action required to step into creation in this life, to clear the negative karma and experience what you do want instead of what you don’t.

By its very nature Soul Purpose Mapping brings the subconscious into conscious awareness. It brings the shadow into the light.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
- C.G. Jung

As behavior is shifted and karma rebalanced, beliefs start to clear from the energy field. This is the conscious energetic shift needed to permanently create change. It works through all levels of belief, within the Akashic Records & all aspects of our energy body. It aligns us with our Divinity and bridges the gap between separation and connection.

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What a Session Looks Like

First Sessions are 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes.

If you choose to have a distance session and you live within the United States, I will send you an ink print package via priority mail with a priority envelope included, all shipping paid to return your handprints to me. I am more than happy to have a video conference to assist with obtaining clear handprints and fingerprints. Once I receive your prints, we will set up an appointment via Zoom video conferencing. You will also receive an audio recording of your session to listen to at your convenience.

During an in-person session I obtain hand prints and fingerprints utilizing either oil based or water based washable ink. I then assess the information provided and depending on the session give the appropriate information. The session is meant to be a dialogue in which your Soul Purpose Map is explored, while you make connections in your own life, facilitating radical transformation from within.

You will also receive an audio recording of your session to listen to at your convenience

What you will learn during a Soul Purpose Mapping session:

  • Learn what your major blocks are to living the life of your dreams and ways in which to move through them.
  • Discover your Purpose Flow. When you enter into this energy flow you enter through the wizards gate for manifestation.
  • Your Life Lesson is the area you often can’t see but once highlighted allows you to soar.
  • Soul Purpose is the Divine energy that feels amazing to you, it is what you Soul longs to express and what is only blocked through your false beliefs and illusion created with the lesson portion of your Soul Purpose map.
  • Opportunity to truly know what your Purpose is on a Soul level.
  • This information is integral to understanding why you are here and how to navigate the path to Purpose.
  • Discover your innate ability to shift your karmic expression through action, weaving a new fabric for your reality.
  • Start creating what you do want instead of what you don’t.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Soul Purpose Mapping Practitioner?

The Soul Purpose Mapping Practitioner Certification Course will give you the tools to read the map in the hands guiding yourself, your family & your clients to awakening to their Divine selves, shifting their paradigm of beliefs and negative karma into one of empowerment and Purpose. This is both a coaching system and an energy modality that utilizes conscious awareness to realign with the Divine Creative self where all things are possible, and we ARE unlimited.

This IS a transformational journey and has become the foundation for all that I do as a practitioner, coach & healer.

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Sara Gasch Hand Analysis

Sara Gasch

Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher Certified Master ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor. Certified Advanced Hand Analyst through the International Institute of Hand Analysis

Sara Gasch is the creator and founder of Soul Purpose Mapping™- Practitioner Certification Course.

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