Soul Purpose Mapping Certification

Starting April 4th, 2022!


As a Certified Practitioner of Soul Purpose Mapping you will be able start your own Soul centered business or expand your current business as a healer, empowering yourself and others to live their Sacred Divine Purpose.

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Duration: | 12 Weeks with Lifetime Access
Prerequisites: | none

What You Receive::

  • 12 weeks training with lifetime access
  • Fingerprint & gift marker identification
    • You will learn how to print the hands & fingerprints,
    • how to read & translate the dermatoglyphys & gift markers in the hands
    • Know the fingerprints & the formula for determining lesson, consciousness you inhabit & purpose
    • Understand how to combine the information to create an individual's unique Soul Map.
  • In depth understanding of the Soul Map & how to navigate it to purpose
    • This is an experiential process in which you deeply understand your own Soul Map so that you can mentor others within their own.
    • What does it mean to live your purpose?
    • What are our lessons and consciousness you inhabit? And how they can become our greatest strengths.
    • This is the Why to your whole experience in this life.
    • Understanding the paradigm of beliefs and trauma creating your experience and how to heal on this deep Soul level.
    • What beliefs are, where they are held and why this is important
    • Why it’s important to understand consciously what your paradigm of beliefs are.
    • How beliefs create resistance to living the life you want and how you can shift this resistance and move into your creation, living your creation now.
    • What it means to shift the energy from creating what we don’t want to creating what we do
    • How we resolve karma in this life through action

Understand Your Soul Contracts

  • How to guide people into creation & purpose instead of illusion & fear.
  • How to utilize this knowledge to mentor individuals in all aspects of their life
  • Weekly Zoom sessions with all course content loaded the week prior
  • To receive certification must complete all course work, watch all videos, have done 10 readings with documentation on sheet provided and one in-depth case study….no time limit on completion. You can choose to finish this within the 12 weeks or take a year going at your own pace.
  • Private Facebook Group

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