Grounded Consciousness Reiki Sound Bath Healing Experience Embracing Intention

Starting January 19th @6:00pm MST, 8:00pm eastern, 2023!



  • Reiki Meditation Experience
  • Sound Bath with Tibetan/Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Koshi Chimes

Join us for an evening of deep relaxation, calling in the beautiful energy of Holy Fire® & Unconditional Love Reiki and Singing bowls to work directly with your energy field. Benefits of Reiki Sound Bath Healing Experience:

  • Sound meditation & Reiki can help you feel deeply relaxed, peaceful, and connected to your experience in a safe, harmonious way.
  • Vibrations of sound have been found to work on a cellular level and over time can change an individual's brain wave patterns.
  • Singing Bowls often induce a theta state of being. Theta opens us to the Universe and the knowledge & love inherent within it.
  • Through muscle testing I have even been able to witness beliefs changing through the use of specific sounds to recalibrate our consciousness.

  • For Grounded Mind, Body & Soul Healing This is a LIVE Reiki Sound Bath Healing Experience. You must attend to receive.

Healing With Angels

5 Week Alignment Workshop

Starting January 31st, 2023 on Tuesday's From 6:30pm to 8:30pm via Zoom


Please join Monique England and Sara Gasch for a 5 week Healing Workshop in which they channel the angels and bring forward wisdom teachings, clearings & specific alignment & connection meditations.

Each week will be focused on a different Archangel to include:

  • Raphael: Allowance, Surrender and Transformation
  • Azrael: Grief and Transition
  • Zadkiel: Mercy, Freedom and Releasing Limitations
  • Chamuel: Love and Healing Relationships
  • Gabriel: Divine Messages of Encouragement, Strength and Healing

  • The workshop is evergreen, all healings, meditations & alignments can be relistened to for continued support. As such you will receive a copy of all recordings.

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