The Grounded Path 
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Reiki is an energy healing modality used for stress reduction and relaxation which allows healing to take place. While it is spiritual in nature, utilizing the life force energy that is in all living things, it is not religious.  This life energy is always flowing around us and in us.  It raises a person’s vibration, breaking up negative energy in the process. It provides love and compassion to the client and it promotes healing on all levels through its use.  Reiki is holistic in nature and is complementary to allopathic medicine.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a technique guided by spiritual consciousness and is defined as spiritually guided life energy.  As such Reiki can do no harm.  Reiki energy will always go where the person needs the energy to go.  It will adjust itself to what is appropriate and is helpful and safe.  The practitioner is not actually doing the direct healing, they are the conduit for the healing to take place.


Reiki is both powerful and gentle.  It has a long history of use in a variety of illness, injury, emotional, and spiritual issues.


While Reiki is an amazing technique it is not meant to replace treatment from a licensed medical or psychological health care provider.


There are no medical contraindications from a Reiki treatment.


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Reiki is administered through a soft touch (or a slight distance away if preferred) while sitting or lying down – fully clothed. It is not massage.  During the session, the practitioner’s hands are placed along the energy centers and pathways of the body.


The recipient may feel warmth, coolness, gentle tingling and/or a deep sense of relaxation.  Recipients may find that they fall asleep during the session.


There are two session lengths available, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.


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