The Grounded Path 
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Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis is the study of our hands and the information they provide.

Our purpose is indelibly printed on our fingers.  These fingerprints are present five months prior to birth and are a gorgeous part of each of us.  Our fingerprints tell us what our Soul Agenda is.  They are a map showing each of us our Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School.

Our hands are a separate map of our gifts, our personality, our temperament, how we think, how we are in our relationships and the unique way in which we live life.

Combining these two provides clarity regarding your own soul’s expression as read in your hands.

What to expect in a Hand analysis Session (Distance or In-person):

  • Learn what your major blocks are to living the life of your dreams and ways in which to move through them.

  • Your Life Lesson is the area you often can’t see but once highlighted allows you to soar.

  • Learn what your Life Purpose is.

  • Life Purpose is the feel good in life.  The ahhhh.

  • Opportunity to truly know what your Purpose is on a Soul level.

  • Soul and Personality Psychology, as mapped out in your hands will be utilized to allow your beautiful, unique Purpose to shine.

  • This information is integral to understanding why you are here and what you need to navigate the path to Purpose.

  • Comprehensive 1-hour appointment discussing in depth your Soul Agenda.

  • If you choose to have a distance session and you live within the United States, I will send you an ink print package via priority mail with a priority envelope included, all shipping paid to return your handprints to me.  I am more than happy to have a video conference to assist with obtaining clear handprints and fingerprints.  Once I receive your prints, we will set up an appointment via Zoom video conferencing.   You will also receive an audio recording of your session to listen to at your convenience.

  • During an in-person session I handprint and fingerprint the client utilizing either oil based or water based washable ink.  I then assess the information provided and depending on the session give the appropriate information.  You will also receive an audio recording of your session to listen to at your convenience.

Are you aching to know why you are on this planet and the pathway to reaching your potential?

A hand analysis session will show you who you are today and who you came here to be.

It will show you the map that exists in your hands and the key to living your Purpose.

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Tutorial for printing your own hands at home for an online consultation.

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