The Grounded Path 

Sara Gasch

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Do you have Gift Markings?

Febuary 26, 2018

I believe deeply, to my very core, we are all here for a beautiful purpose, unique to each of us.

Our fingerprints paint the story of what our Soul Agenda is. Our hands in their totality show what our individual talents and aptitudes are. (Along with many other things).

A small amount of people have an additional marker in their hand called a Gift Marker. If you have a Gift Marker it is a Very Big Deal. If you don’t have a Gift Marker it doesn’t mean you don’t have that particular gift, it means you don’t have the Soul requirement to use that gift to a certain potential and to experience the penalty phase if you don’t.

There are a total of 19 Gift Markers possible in the hand. Each one comes with an inherent student and teacher path. Each adds to your individual Purpose as shown in your fingerprints and is an additional prod from spirit to follow your path to Purpose.

Studying my own hands has been the most trans-formative thing that I have ever done. As I learn more about what my hands show me, as I embrace the truth of who I am at the core, as I exalt my Life Lesson, I move into alignment with my purpose and as such the pain of my lesson— lessens. The level of my contentment increases as I feel like I am walking the path I am meant to.

Most people who come to me for a reading are searching because they feel this deep sense of there being something more in life. A pressure to express themselves more fully, though often they don’t know what that intangible feeling is. It is very rare for me to not look at a pair of hands and see gift markings. That is the energy I attract. Probably because I have multiple Gift Markers myself.

I recently looked at a pair of hands that had clear Medical Stigmata Gift Markings. They had so many that they have the ability to be a healer to healers. When I pointed out what a healer is, what energy it brings to their life, what the student path is and what they may be currently experiencing, they expressed amazement. They stated “yes, yes that is so me!” To shine a light on this gift allowed a door to be opened. It allowed them to see part of their infinite potential.

Example of a hand with the Medical Stigmata Gift Marker:

Start your journey today, learn your Soul’s Agenda.

Mandalas for Self Healing and Discovery

January 8, 2018

Mandalas are a wonderful tool for self healing, self exploration and self discovery. They have been found to be a tool for self soothing and help to bring calm into your life.

Further, I recommend after you color a mandala or draw one that you reflect on what it means to you. What colors did you use. What shapes and patterns. Did you find clarity? Did you find a modicum of peace?

My experience with mandalas occurred when I first was diagnosed with Lupus. It was an incredibly difficult time for me, I struggled with depression and anxiety and I didn’t know which direction to take my life in. I went to a wonderful counselor, Monique Mandali, for a brief time who introduced me to her coloring books. She advised me to spend time coloring and allowing myself to simply be present in the moment. I was shocked that I was able to decrease my anxiety and find clarity regarding the direction my life should go in. It’s amazing to me now, as I reflect back to all the tools that have been shared with me throughout my life, how they have become such gifts that I can now share with others. This is an amazing life we live.

How I create mandalas

Links to Printable Mandalas:

Discover our free printable Mandalas !

Make a 2018 New Year’s Decision

December 27, 2017

I’ve decided I am irritated with New Year’s resolutions. How many people actually keep to their resolutions? Really. I’m pretty sure I never have. I believe the issue at hand is that making a resolution is like setting a goal but no action plan to achieve it. It’s easy to forget about when life gets busy.

I believe if we truly want change making a resolution is fine, however; we need to make a decision and create an action plan to go with it.

Here are my steps to creating a 2018 that will exceed your expectations:

1. Dream big, map out your vision. There are multiple ways in which to do this. I personally love vision boards. This can be done in a variety of ways. The easiest is to write on a scrap piece of paper all the areas of your life and with what your vision is for them in the future and a connection all back to you. If there is an area in your life that is a big struggle for you that you really want to attack then make it a focused Vision Board, attack that one area. I really enjoy using magazines and collage to create my vision boards.

Here is an example of my most recent one, it’s not completed yet, I like to take my time and really contemplate what it is my goals are and what I want to achieve.

There are multiple apps for android and for iPhone that will allow you to create a vision for the future. I personally have never used this option, but I know others that have.

2. Once you are clear on what your vision is write out your goals. With those goals, be sure to write out actionable steps to achieve it. Make sure they have a date for completion attached.

3. Take action on your goals every day. If you only have 15 minutes today to work toward your goal, that’s okay! But do something today. When you start you are pushing a boulder up a hill but every step you take gets you one step closer to the top when it will start rolling on its own. You will see results when you act in this manner. Diligence is a skill that will benefit you!

4. Celebrate your victories!!!

5. Re-calibrate and assess your goals. Sometimes they do change as we change. Start at step one and go again.

What Does My Hand Shape Say?

December 26, 2017

Everything in Hand Analysis means something. Our hand shape reveals what our basic temperament is. It is subject to change as our personality grows and changes.

I’ve been thinking about this correlation through the Holiday season with all of it’s hustle and bustle.

My hand shape is Primarily Earth with some other elements thrown in.

I have a square palm and short fingers. These indicate a very practical personality, feet firmly planted in the ground. I need to be a part of nature. Loyalty and family is so important to me. I enjoy hard work…I also have a deep need for sanctuary and the simple pleasures that are in my sanctuary. Not being restricted in my life is huge!

I’ve been reflecting on this personality type as it relates to me. During the holiday season I can feel very depleted if I am not careful. I have a deep need to be in my home, my safe place. This is often hard with parties that I am obligated to attend and things that I need to do. People laugh at me because I love winter because it affords me the ability to just stay home…I live far enough away from town that driving is not convenient. This actually suits my personality.

Studying my hands, I am not just earth, thankfully I have a bit of the opposite incorporated, water. I have emotion in my hands. I do enjoy being with others and I am incredibly sensitive and caring, at times I can be overly sensitive. This is where my intuitive, empathetic side comes from.

All of us can learn from our hand shapes. The first rule regarding personality is to

Be Your Type, be who you are.

Having an awareness of your type is very useful. It’s allowed me to accept who I am instead of trying to be what others want me to be. Do I still fight this a bit, yes but accepting myself has become so much easier.

Life Lesson and Life Purpose, Two Sides of the Same Coin

December 13, 2017

As a Certified Hand Analyst I have learned how to read Life Purpose and Life Lesson in the dermatoglyphs (fingerprints) of the hands.  Both hands are important when determining Life Lesson and Purpose.  All the prints on both hands are used to evaluate which is a high ranking print and which is a low ranking print.

Each finger has the potential to be either Purpose, as a high ranking print or Lesson, as a low ranking print.  Both are two sides of the same coin.  Both will move into alignment with the other side depending on the situation.

Let me give you an example:

Based on Pat’s fingerprint pattern her life Purpose is to be a success and her lesson is lost self-worth.

Both sides of every finger are working in an individual at different times.  I like to call them the Shadow and the Light.
Our Lesson is our Shadow side, it is the side that is often difficult to see, it is our area that needs the most growth.  When we work our Lesson it moves us into the Purpose side of the finger.
Our Purpose is the light side, it is the feel good of our experience, when we know we are on the right path.  When we are in our lesson and experiencing discomfort and a need for growth, we experience the lesson side of the purpose finger or the inverse.
The catalyst or key to it all is our Lesson-it directly influences everything.  As Pat focuses on her lesson of self-worth and peels away the layers, she becomes a teacher-it naturally happens.  As she works her lesson she also moves into alignment with her Purpose-to be successful and experience results in the world that she wants.  If she does not work her lesson or is triggered in her lesson she experiences the lesson side of her purpose finger which is feelings of failure….When that happens and she identifies her feelings of failure all she has to do is go back to her Lesson and work it.  I have seen many times with clients that they can identify the opposite of their Purpose-it is very visible to them.  If I was asking Pat, she would identify feelings of failure, this would be very clear, however; not feeling worthy of love or some of the other identifying markers of this lesson would be difficult to uncover.  This is why it is our Life lesson.
It is so important to identify the Life lesson in a person’s life.  Without doing this the individual may work on the feelings associated with the inverse of their Purpose and not the real issue-their Lesson.
Our Lesson is truly the key to everything…Identify it… it… relentless in peeling away the layers…..doing so will lead you to your Purpose.



How is your Soul Agenda Determined?

November 30, 2017

A person’s Soul Agenda or Soul Psychology is expressly written in the dermatoglyphs (fingerprints) of a person’s hand.  These are the same fingerprint patterns that the FBI evaluates.
 As hand analysts, we learn to identify 4 main types of fingerprints with multiple sub-types all ranking differently.  When I do a Soul Agenda Reading, I print the individual’s hand and mark what the dermatoglyphs are on a chart.  I then evaluate the sum total of prints to determine three components:
Life Lesson: the biggest obstacle to living your Life Purpose. It is our weakest point, the hurt in life, the reason “why”.
Life School: the overarching umbrella of how we experience life and the growth points involved.
Life Purpose:  the feel good in life, what we are meant to embody, the place that life finds deep meaning.
This is not guesswork, it is not random.  The four main types of prints:  arches, tented arches, whirls, and loops along with the remaining sub-types all have a different meaning and bring about a different experience.  Knowing which finger each print is located on is essential.  Depending on whether they are a high ranking or low ranking print this will determine whether it is a lesson or purpose.
The quality of the prints does matter.  If very poor quality, they may be difficult to determine but through study and evaluation, their picture becomes much more clear.
Of course, in hand analysis, there is also the Personality Psychology which presents in all the other areas of the hand. Combining Soul Psychology with Personality Psychology gives even more clues to help an individual find their path to purpose in this life…..  More on that next time.


Seeing Hand Analysis for the Gift it is.

November 13, 2017

What is Scientific Hand Analysis?  Everyone I meet asks me this question, if they don’t ask it’s usually because they have some preconceived notion of what it is.
Scientific Hand Analysis is the modern form of palmistry that studies all the parts of the hands: the length of fingers, hand shape, texture, lines, markings, and fingerprints. Every part of the hand gives an indication of either personality psychology or soul psychology. Unlike ancient palmistry which is often characterized by foretelling of the future by looking at the lines of the hand, Scientific Hand Analysis is a system that shows who you are, how you think, how you are in relationship, how you live your life, what your talents are, and temperament among others.  While Personality may change, just like the lines and shape of your hand may change, your fingerprints never do. They provide a road map of your right life. 5 months prior to birth they form and they never alter. They show what your purpose is, your school, and lesson. The system I have been trained and certified in via the International Institute Of Hand Analysis is an incredibly consistent and duplicatable system.
In Montana, there currently is one Certified Advanced Hand Analyst and four Certified Hand Analysts through the International Institute Of Hand Analysis.  I’m proud to say I am one of them.
Usually, my first session with a client is spent printing their hands.  Evaluating their Soul Agenda, determining any other significant markers and then giving them the info about what their hands say.  It’s truly the scientific study of the hands and the artistry of communicating the information to them.
Every reading is different because every pair of hands is different.  I actually have to laugh, during one reading I looked at an older ladies hands and looked at her and said, “your hands are so amazing!”, I realized I say this almost every time, but to me they are!  They tell such a spectacular story.
I will never forget all the faces I have talked to that look at me with profound acknowledgment and amazement that their hands can reflect the entirety of their whole experience and can be summed up so succinctly. Not always do I look at the Soul Agenda though, sometimes what I see in the hands themselves are so striking that that is what I have to point out.    I looked at a teenage boys hands once, a big burly cowboy type, quiet and solemn.  I looked at his hands and saw instantly three things, He was gifted with an inordinate ability to be brave, however; he may have issues with rage and anger. He had a marker that stated he was meant to be the guiding light for lost souls, however; he may experience or have experienced depression, anxiety, working just to work, feelings of being stuck, being a magnet for lost souls.  Lastly, his hand indicated a loyal no-nonsense, need to be in nature, black and white personality.  I explained the negative and positive aspects of his markers and watched as he looked at his hands, looked at me, a tear fell from his eye and he said, “my hands say that?  Really? I always felt this way but I’ve told no one, no one. ”  I explained how he could maneuver his way through and some tips to help and he sat in his chair, not wanting to get up because he felt heard for the first time.  He felt seen.  This memory still brings me to tears.  If I did nothing else I heard and saw him.  Hand analysis is what made that possible.  What a gift!


How to Feel Loved

October 28, 2017


I can’t believe that there was a time I felt such a lack of love from my intimate relationship that I could not feel my husbands love for me.  I blamed him, I begged him, I read every conceivable book and yet I still could not feel his love.

You know when you’re in this state of lack.  It is such a deep pain that it kept me awake nights and anxiously looking at ways to fix this during the day.  It was a feeling I felt helpless to stop, I knew that being negative only attracts what I fear, I knew it was my issue yet…I blamed him.   I would say, why can’t you do this?  Why won’t YOU even try?  Yet I knew no matter what he did it would never be enough.  The more I pushed the more he pulled away.

Then I had an epiphany, one of many on my path to self-love…….but probably the most monumental.  Because I have a self-worth life lesson, a feeling of not being enough and a fear at the very base that I won’t be loved if I show who I really am,  I spent my life having experiences that proved how unlovable I was…at least that was my perception.  Everything in me by this point was crying out bullshit.  I knew my lesson at this point, as shown in my hands, I knew it was a lie.  I was working it, reading books, rising up, yet my relationship with my husband was my “last stand”.  It was the one place I could not feel loved.  I realized in one intense moment where I channeled God’s loved, I knew…and this is what I learned.

How to feel loved..

First, you must realize it is never about them!  I’ve been there, I’ve read piles of books, which are helpful.  We truly do have different love languages and sometimes your partner does not speak yours but in the end how we feel is a reflection of how we perceive their actions.  We may choose not to stay with someone who refuses to speak our love language but they are not responsible for how we feel.

All relationships are a reflection of how we feel inside.  Wow I know, take a moment and think about that.  The day I looked in the mirror and realized I could not feel my husbands love, could not accept he loved me, could not be my true self with him, was the day I realized it was because I did not feel God’s love, I did not love me and we see in the mirror how we feel about ourselves.  If we felt differently about ourselves we would choose a different mirror to look in.  If someone is not treating us the way we know we should be treated,  if we truly are sharing our wants, needs, and desires with them and learning what theirs are, and asking for what we need from a place of love and they still cannot return it, we would simply choose not to be there.  Not from a place of anger but a place of love.  Love for ourselves and acceptance of the other person and where they are at in their life.

     Speak our truth first and foremost to ourselves, be vulnerable with ourselves, know how we feel in every moment and accept that all feelings are ok.  Revisit areas in our lives that need to be healed.  We must first feel the emotion of the moment and then we can change it into something different.  We hold pain in our body, even from decades ago.  We hold pain in our hearts and perpetuate this in our relationships.  Releasing it can be a long process. As we release, as we let that pain go, we can see what place those experiences had in our life and how they may have been necessary for our evolution, we can feel compassion for others and the life they lived that led to their actions and then we can move forward and forgive…Not for them but for ourselves.

     Continue the journey of self-love.  We cannot expect to feel others love if we can’t feel love for ourselves. For me, that started by realizing that I too am loved.   I believe we are born into this life being infinitely loved and we are meant to evolve and come back to that knowing.  Not a knowing based on ego, i.e. I’m the prettiest in the class, the smartest, etc… but a knowing of our divine worth based on nothing but our beautiful existence as part of Spirit.  When we move into the position where we can feel in our heart and not just know in our mind that we are loved by God, (or whatever name you use), then start to feel that for ourselves…we are on the journey of self-love.


Becoming Grounded

October 10, 2017



According to Merriam -Webster Dictionary, to be Grounded means mentally and emotionally stable: admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious, remains grounded despite all the praise and attention.
I’d like to add to their definition it’s also about being present and aware in our bodies.  It’s about being connected and a part of what is going on around us.
When I think of being grounded I visualize myself planting my feet into the ground, extending my roots in, feeling the earth support me.  Being grounded is like being a solid oak tree, it allows me to not be tossed and turned so much by the chaos that can surround me.
The times I need to be grounded are when I am delving into practical pursuits: getting my house clean, paying bills, focusing on my children when they need my attention, being present in my day to day life, running errands, driving, even planning out my business plan and implementing it.  These are grounded pursuits.
Thankfully, as my hands show, I am very down to earth- being practical and grounded is not hard to be, sometimes I need help being the opposite.   There are times though when I feel like I am juggling 10 things at once, when I am trying to do too much. I am also very sensitive emotionally.   I can feel other people’s emotions which can leave me feeling frazzled and upset.
Some tools I use to help myself become grounded:
·      I walk outside and root my feet into the ground, take a moment to breathe.  As I breathe in, I listen to the wind, the birds, the river.  As I breathe out I become still and let any anxiety flow away.  Breathe in Peace, Breathe out stress.
·      Taking a walk or exercising:  both involve moving your physical body, which can ground.
·      Yoga or Tai Chi
·      Meditation or Prayer
·      Taking a hot bath, or if you’re lucky enough soaking in natural hot springs.
I have also found that certain essential oils really help me to center myself and find my calm in the midst of the storm.
Essential oils are volatile plant compounds that can work therapeutically due to their phytochemistry.  They also work on an energetic and emotional level.  Certain oils are known for their vibrational frequency and work together with our energy field.
Essential Oils to help me ground:
·      Northern Lights Black Spruce:   My absolute favorite for grounding.  It almost instantly centers and grounds me.  It helps me to focus and allows me to live in the present moment
·      Bergamot:  Very calming.  Wonderful citrus scent, (one of my favorites), causes photosensitivity so it is recommended to diffuse if you are going to have any sun exposure.
·      Copaiba: Helps create a calming, centering, relaxing effect.  Gentle, woodsy aroma.
·      Cedarwood:  Warm, woodsy aroma.  Calming yet uplifting at the same time.
·      Juniper:  Helps to bring about a feeling of peace when diffused.
·      Frankincense:  Grounding yet brings about spiritual expansiveness.
·      Grounding:  Blend of oils from Young Living created for feelings of clarity.  Very calming and centering for me when I wear it as a perfume.
·      Idaho Balsam Fir:  Woodsy and refreshing scent.  Diffuse for a calming and grounding aroma.
·      Clary Sage:  When diffused has a very calm and relaxing scent.
I’m sure there are many more oils that help with grounding, however; these are the ones I use most frequently.

Weight Release

September 21, 2017

My weight has been a constant battle for many years.  While I am not significantly overweight I am overweight enough that I can feel it.  I can feel the weight of exercise being harder than normal, of my body just feeling heavier.   I love myself so much I want to be the best me, not just the mediocre me.

I’ve found it’s not just about calories in and calories out.  Being overweight is rarely about the food.  There is always an emotional or spiritual component involved.  If lasting change is what anyone is after then we must deal with the underlying feelings.  We have to delve into the emotional and spiritual trauma that we may be holding in our cells.

When I started this journey, I was full of self-hate.   I held on to my pain, well past the time it was serving me.  I used it as my protection, yet blamed it for my unhappiness.   I truly believe my body would not allow me to release the extra pounds until I started to love who I am in the present moment, to feel gratitude for what it could do as opposed to what it couldn’t.

The last few years have had many ups and downs.  There have been many defining moments in this journey.  And so many lessons learned.

I’ve been learning to not expect others to define my beauty-because they can never make me feel whole, only I can.

I’ve learned that my body responds to the words I speak to it.  My cells hear and react to the cruelty.  And when I express love and tenderness towards myself, it responds to that too.

I’ve been learning that love centers inside myself and once I feel it for me, I can feel it from others.

I’m not sure I have all the answers yet but I do know I have come a long way.  I am ready to be my best self in every area.  I am ready to embark on this journey, though it is fraught with fear.  I have been in the darkness, feeling the pain,  and I am ready to walk my way out and up.

I’ve made a promise to myself I am going to be my best self.   These are the actions I am going to take to get to my goal:

I will exercise regularly not because of the calories I will burn but because I feel so accomplished when my workout is complete and I know how good it is for me.

I will eat even healthier in appreciation of my body, because I just feel so much better.

I will allow myself to rest when I need rest.

I will allow time for meditation within my day.

I will speak kind words to myself every day and if I say negative ones, I will revoke them.

I will pamper myself in ways I enjoy.

I will take time for pleasure.

I will utilize the tools I have available to help me release my weight such as essential oils, knowledge of herbs and medicinal foods.

I will honor myself and by doing so teach my children how to love themselves.

I will, I’m ready.  Will you join me too?

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